{July 4, 2013}   Happy Canada Day … Happy Independence Day



This past weekend, it was Canada Day here in the Great White North (except, you know, not so white and snow-covered in July, believe it or not! Our igloos have melted!). This is when we celebrate Confederation, the coming together of the first few of our Canadian provinces under a Federal system. It might not be as exciting or sexy a story as our American brothers and sisters to the south are celebrating today – Independence Day – as they fought for their freedom in an outright Revolution, but it still represents our first steps towards our own decision-making as a country, which … while still nominally a member of the British Commonwealth, really, we do to this day.

Meanwhile, today, as mentioned, my American family and friends are celebrating Independence Day, the day they declared independence from the British, and fought long and hard to do so. While freedom is always imperfect, and both the US and Canada continue to struggle towards “a more perfect union”, towards “peace, order and good government”, I still can’t help but think we North Americans have gotten at least a few things right over the years … including the right to point it out, criticize, and elect new representation when we DON’T get it right!

Happy Canada Day! Happy Independence Day!

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