{January 7, 2013}   Where does God Live?

In church yesterday we were talking about darkness vs. light, and God/Jesus as a guiding light. In Sunday School, we read the story of Samuel and Eli, where God was calling Samuel in the darkness of the middle of the night. Given this is a tale set in the Temple of Solomon, where the Ark of the Covenant (believed to contain God’s most holy name/God ‘himself’) resided, the Ark was often referred to, using the term (in a tongue and cheek fashion) “The box where God lived.”

The second or third time this came up, one of my ‘students’, who had been carefully listening to this point, could no longer contain herself.

“But God doesn’t live in a box!”

So true, and I have never been so proud of a student ‘calling out in class’. As the children’s minister at a progressive church, if there is anything I want my kiddos to take away with them on their spiritual journey, it is just that in a nutshell: that God does not live in a box. That that message has hit home made me so happy yesterday … just one of those moments of being so glad and blessed for just what it is I do.

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