{October 16, 2012}   So Long and Thank you, Dalton McGuinty

So here in Ontario, we had something of a political earthquake last night as our admittedly-beleaguered premier announced his resignation. Dalton McGuinty has been premier almost 10 years, and I have supported many of his decisions, disagreed with others, but overall thought he did a good job. While a large chunk of the province would probably give him a “D” or an “F” on his way out the door, and truly loyal supporters an “A”, I’d probably give him a solid “B” – which is a darn sight better than his predecessor, honestly. And most of my grumbles about McGuinty honestly come in the last 1-2 years where he has tried, via the HST and suppression of teachers’ right to strike, to shore up the centre-right vote in light of a stumbling Ontarian economy. BOTTOM LINE: I’d count myself a McGuinty supporter, if not exactly a worshiper. And that holds true.

With that note, while his resignation has admittedly on some level left me a bit cynical, wondering what on Earth is about to land that he knows, that we don’t, I also find myself hoping it is not a health-related or other unfortunate personal issue … I find myself wanting to thank him for his undeniable years of service, and the more-than-competent job he did in office … and hoping this only means even better things for the future of Ontario. Pragmatically, he wasn’t going to win another election – as such, it was time to go, and with enough time for his successor to shore up any damage to the party might have been done by McGuinty’s (undeserved) unpopularity – arguably one last act of service to his party and the province by this premier. I wish him the best in future, and the Liberals good luck as they look to find another leader.

One last  time – while I haven’t agreed with your every decision, Dalton, and while even I as a lifelong Liberal am experiencing the same Liberal fatigue both here in Ontario and on the Federal level as much of the province, and country, that doesn’t mean I can’t recognize a good man who did a good job as premier and who deserves the province’s thanks – and who has gone in to work every day to do a difficult job even when it – and he – have gone ridiculously underappreciated. Mr. Premier – please enjoy whatever adventure life takes you too next, and thank you.

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