{October 2, 2012}   What an amazing weekend!

So it’s been far longer than I intended since I posted – however last week was a busy one getting ready for an even bigger whirlwind of a weekend. On Friday, I surprised my brother by heading overnight to Toronto with my parents to celebrate his 25th birthday (as well as his having signed up with World Pipe & Drum Champions Field Marshall Montgomery – a TRES big deal in the p&d world he inhabits). A great time was had by all on my side of the family …

Before rushing back to Ottawa to celebrate my mother in law’s 60th with the other side of the fam. Also a really fun time at the Metcalfe Fall Fair, and out to dinner at Flying Piggy’s afterward. Followed quickly by church the next day and needless to say it has been a very, very breathless week making sure all of the above came off without a hitch. But it did, it was a fabulous time, and now I’m back to the land of the living – both teaching and studying in online courses, getting ready for Thanksgiving weekend at church (and with my folks) next week, and hey – day to day life with two wee ones (one of whom is now not-so-happily nursing his two year molars, the other of whom seems to be fighting off a cold he won’t acknowledge having).

But would I trade a minute? Naaaah! 🙂 Welcome to my life.

And once more – thanks to everyone who makes that life special, many of whom I got to spend this weekend with, and particularly a happy, happy birthday to the best brother, and the best MIL, a girl could ever ask for. May the year(s!) ahead be nothing but rosy. XOXO

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