{September 7, 2010}   30 Days of Blogging – Day 7 – A Photo that Makes Me Happy

Please note that the photo I want to put up here is one of my two boys – but given that one is in the process of being adopted, I think I want to stay away from anything much identifying. So instead … here’s one that always makes me happy:

This is me, making the same face I see my son make every now and then, referred to as ‘happy rat face’. But this is me to this day – when you make a mess and get into scrapes, you might as well flippin’ enjoy it and laugh! There’s too much in life to take seriously … no use crying over spilled milk. Or flour, as the case may be. Not to mention? Me=clumsy still to this day. I can make messes faster than Ari can clean up after me … har har.


Alex says:

omg you were such a cutie-pie!What the heck happened? 😉 Im kidding!!!! lol. LOVE YOU! Make sure you read my entry for today. It's important. Do it, do it now 😛

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