{February 25, 2010}   Rooting for Canada …

Tonight won’t be a long entry
As it has been a very long day
I was out for twelve hours
Between work and errands

But I want to express
How impressed I am
With Canada’s men’s hockey team
Tonight and their performance
Against Russia.

And to wish Canadian figure skater
Joannie Rochette all the best
In her Free Skate tomorrow –
Having lost her mom just 24 hours
Before the Short Program,
She currently sits in 3rd place.
Such poise and grace …

I am not usually a sports fan,
But there’s something about the Olympics,
And I have always respected athletes –
They do something
I have just never been good at.
Whether we ‘own the podium’ or not
You should all be very proud.

{February 23, 2010}   Nice Weekend with the In Laws

So if you’re wondering where I’ve been it’s been a busy few days – I had work Thursday and Friday, and my in-laws visited this weekend. Story of blogging lately – but at least it means even if I go 3-4 days without blogging, I have stuff to talk about when I get here! This weekend was a good one – we went to dinner with Ari’s parents, and out skating on the Rideau Canal with them and Little Tyke the next afternoon, meeting my cousin and her new SO and his son in the process. Saturday night Ari and I had our first real evening date in awhile – we went to dinner at a GREAT Scottish pub, before seeing ‘Precious’ at the movie theatres and getting a night cap (or two) at our favourite bar (or at least mine), the Honest Lawyer’s in the Byward Market. Of course the night was topped off with some truly greasy grubb at Dunn’s Smoked Meat.

Sunday was quiet – we were going to go to Cosmic Adventures this excellent indoor playground here in Ottawa but LT was a cranky little guy (go teething) and we didn’t think he’d play well or be happy with other kids for very long, so we spent the day at home before checking out WWE’s Elimination Chamber PPV and having an early-ish night (comparatively). Ari had wanted to perhaps instead check out the Canada-US Olympic hockey game, but I think in retrospect we’re glad we didn’t (sigh). Today? Back to the routine of course, but it was a good day of teaching, Ari enjoys his job, and while LT whined a bit going back to his sitter’s, we all survived. Happy new week everyone!

{February 19, 2010}   Wishes

– A happy birthday today for my mom.
– The same tomorrow for a dear friend of mine.
– A good visit this weekend with my in-laws.
– Little Tyke’s continued good health, as found impressive by his doctor.
– Substitute teaching to stay as consistent as it has been of late.
– Safe travels for my dad and step-mom as they head to the Dominican Republic together.
– Peace of mind for those I love – I know at least a few have troubles on their mind …

Happy weekend everyone … I’ll post if/when I can, and hope it’s lovely for all. XO

{February 16, 2010}   Happy Happy …

It’s been a busy long weekend here but I wanted to take the time to belatedly hope everyone has had a …

1. Happy Valentine’s Day yesterday, and
2. A Happy Family Day today.

This weekend has been all about love and remembering who and what are important in our lives. Some do that very well; others focus on the material; some are not fortunate enough to have people to share such occasions with. But I am hoping everyone in their own way, with their own ‘family’, managed to make this festive weekend special.

And Happy New Year to any Chinese readers out there! 🙂 A festive time indeed.

{February 13, 2010}   Olympic Tragedy

As today’s long-awaited Olympic Games opened in Vancouver, only hours before the opening ceremonies, a luge competitor died during a practice run. Georgian athlete Nodar Kumaritashvili lost control of his sled and flew off, making impact with a nearby poll and later passing away.

My thoughts are with his family and friends, with his Georgian teammates, and with all athletes as they face the bittersweet upcoming 2+ weeks of competition. So very sad.

{February 11, 2010}   Olympics

Hi all —

So the Olympic Opening Ceremonies are on Friday. They are here in Canada, on our west coast in Vancouver and Whistler, for about a week/10 days. Personally, I’m not a huge fan of athletics – about the only Olympic sports I follow are figure skating and the hockey finals – and I do see the Olympics as a bit of a money pit for a 10 day event. But I think it’s also an important opportunity to upgrade infrastructure (BC has a new highway and some updated transit systems now etc.) and to bring some tourism to our beautiful country, and the sports I DO follow are always entertaining. And I have to admit to being enough of a patriot that the idea of the first Canadian Gold Medal won on Canadian soil intrigues me as well.

So —

For those not interested in the Olympics, I sympathize, I understand, enjoy the preemptions next week, perhaps rent some movies instead. For those who enjoy them, well … ENJOY! And …? Go Canada Go!

{February 8, 2010}   HAHAHA!

This is just great. Speaks for itself.

{February 6, 2010}   Best Wishes to Jack Layton

Jack Layton, leader of the federal New Democratic Party (NDP) announced this afternoon that he has been diagnosed with prostate cancer and will be seeking treatment. While it sounds like it was caught early and should be treatable, I still send out my best wishes to Mr. Layton as he battles this awful illness. While I am a Liberal party supporter myself, I freely admit that Mr. Layton is easily the strongest party leader in Ottawa right now, and offers a strong, well spoken and intelligent voice to the often-silly shenanigans of the two ‘entrenched’ parties. Here’s hoping his intent to retain the leadership of the NDP through his treatment means that he can and will remain a strong progressive voice on the Hill. Get well soon Mr. Layton!

{February 4, 2010}   Baby Mood Swings

Did you know babies are as moody as teenagers? Yup. True.

Little Tyke had a phenomenally happy and productive weekend … cementing a lot of new developments we’d seen him working on in previous weeks. Monday and yesterday however? VERY unpretty diapers (moreso than usual), ZERO appetite, lethargic (which, if anyone knows LT, knows that’s about the very last word that would ever describe him), and big bright red cheeks … Yup. The teething monster has hit again, only about 10 days after his last real bout with it (we count 3 big, angry ‘bubbles’ on his gums).

And yet today? Much much much happier and playful, more like my sweet little buddy … still fighting feeding at breakfast and lunch though. But he finally ate his lunch around 2/2:30 … then? Snack around 3:30 before napping. After his nap? A full bottle (one more than he usually has), and another snack. Plus a large dinner. Oh yes … my wee man is back … and he’s HONGREH! 🙂

{February 2, 2010}   My wee man!

Little Tyke is walking! I feel quite comfortable in being able to say that now. Not consistently by any stretch, but once or twice this past weekend he was able to walk halfway across our living room. And one or two or three steps without holding on to anything is no big deal at all anymore. So proud of my little boy.

Yes I know … nothing long or exceptional tonight, it’s been a lazy weekend and a busy day of work and bible study … but I wanted to share that. It makes my heart so warm. 🙂

et cetera