So Ari and I went to the Blue Jays game with Little Tyke today as discussed – it was a GREAT game the Jays won 1-0. Very tight and very good pitches and plays throughout. LT really seemed to enjoy it too, standing on my lap watching and babbling through a bunch of it before napping through the second half. Afterwards, we joined my brother Kyle, his girlfriend Dawn, and some of their friends for a dinner celebrating Dawn’s birthday which was yesterday. It was a very nice day in Toronto all in all, and I realized I didn’t take the chance to wish my ‘sister-in-law’ a happy birthday here yesterday as I did my Sweetheart Saturday post so I wanted to take that chance now.

Thanks K&D for showing us a good time … and reminding me how much I enjoy Red Lobster. 😉

{April 19, 2009}   Sweetheart Saturday

I just want to say I love Ari – no particular reason. We’ve had a pretty normal week, and if anything it’s been a bit of a busy and stressful yet boring and mundane one – but that’s just it. One of our weaknesses in the past has been venting AT each other not TO each other, if that makes sense and I think we’re getting better at it.

We’re much more different people than I think either of us realized when we first dated but one of our biggest successes as a couple has been to learn how to appreciate those differences and how they can compliment each other instead of causing conflict. And we’ve come a long way but in the hustle and bustle of everything we don’t always acknowledge that. So I want to here – thanks for being on this journey with me Ari, even if I rush you along sometimes and even if you sometimes hold us up. Somehow, miraculously we ended up in the same place and I for one am thrilled about that. 🙂

So it’s the weekend and shaping up to be a good one –

Taking Little Tyke to his first baseball game this weekend. 🙂 That makes me happy. Especially since it means seeing my awesome brother and his awesome girlfriend while we’re in Toronto.

Also Ari has two day weekends again, as in two days off in a row (instead of two separated over the course of the week as he has the last couple months), which will be nice. Which means we can have a good productive day tomorrow, and enjoy Sunday.

A good week all around I think. 🙂 Quiet, a bit unproductive, not quite as good, for example, as last week on the ‘101 things’ front but I still have time to hit the things I haven’t yet, and given the next couple days are busy, I bet I’ll actually be MORE likely to than days I’m just sort of hanging around with LT.

Who’s wonderful by the way – a bit more difficult this week, hence the lack of productivity – he turned 5 mos. old and I think he’s teething, he’s been a bit crankier and needier than usual so for example the trips to the gym I commited to, well, I’ll have one tomorrow but that will be it (I’ve been active every day nonetheless though, going on walks in the lovely weather, playing with him etc.). On the plus side though, this means LT’s awake more, and he isn’t hard to distract when he’s fussy, so we’ve had lots of fun playtime and naptime and bonding together. 🙂 He’s becoming his own little person which is just a wonder to watch. Put more of the 1-3 month clothes into storage yesterday (yes he was that small that recently, he’s a preemie), which is always sad but also encouraging to know he’s growing so big and strong.

But isn’t that life for you eh? You look back and wonder where the time went, but then it makes you look around at where you are and think ‘wow, this is awesome’. LT has taught me to do that – stop living for the future, and where we’ll be in a month, two months, a year from now – or in the past – why, when there’s so much to do in the here and now? – and to live every moment – I won’t say ‘enjoy’, that’s asking too much lol – because good or bad they’re all a part of who I am, and who LT will be. Not a bad life lesson to learn from a very wise baby huh? 😉

{April 16, 2009}  

Click here to see the most amazing video I have ever seen – do NOT judge a book by its cover. This woman Susan Boyle is an incredible singer of a very difficult song. Lots of guts – the look on Simon Cowell’s face says it all. Enjoy.

{April 15, 2009}   Bo the White House dog

Sorry a late post today – but still here nonetheless. It’s been one of those days that feels kind of lazy and quiet but nonetheless you look up and all of a sudden it’s late-ish.

Anyway – I have fallen in love. If and when Ari and I ever get a dog, I think provided we have a big enough house this is the kind I want, a Portuguese Water Dog:

Yes, exactly what it looks like; the Obamas finally came through on their promise to their daughters this week by adopting Bo from Sen. Ted Kennedy (yes, for my less politically inclined readers, of THOSE Kennedys). Portuguese Water Dogs are many wonderful things for a family – easily trained, active without being hyper, good-natured, etc. A plus for the Obamas, whose daughters have allergies, and what would be a plus for us, who have many relatives with them as well, is that PWDs are hypoallergenic as well.

Welcome Bo to the White House! Quite the digs to have the run of I must say. 🙂 And check out how happy he makes Sasha and Malia – I think this is quite cool.

{April 13, 2009}   101 Things Update

As I said giving myself a do-over – replacing the things I had already accomplished, and starting tomorrow (Monday).

((Mar 30-July 8))

I’m taking this idea from my friend Tatiana, to set out 101 goals for myself in the next 101 days starting today. Some will be easy to attain, others harder, some will be important and ‘deep’, others will be slily fun, and we’ll see how it goes. I’ll update here as I knock goals off my list. Please feel free to follow along, or to do with me. 🙂

** items which have been ‘strike-thru’ed (line through them) are done. 🙂

1. Lose 20 lbs. (3/20)
2. Finish the novel I’ve started writing.
3. Do one nice thing for someone every day. (14/101)
4. Do at least 1/2 hour of exercise every day. (14/101)
5. Be consistent enough with the radio show to get it going live.
6. Join the Babytime group at the Kitchener Public Library.
7. Find work for at least 2 more weeks of the summer.
8. Read at least 3 books. (0/3)
9. Go to church each week (2/13)
10. Finish my cross stitch I’m making for LT.
11. Clean out the guest room (which has become a storage room).
12. Go to a dress-up dance with Ari.
13. Have one nice bubble bath a week. (0/13)
14. Learn 1 more dance (eg Salsa, Meringue).
15. Go roller blading and not quit after 5 mins.
16. Get my bike fixed.
17. Clean out the car and get it washed, vaccuumed and tuned up.
18. Have at least 1 play date a month. (0/3)
19. No messing with my hair – no cuts, no perms, dye touchups only. (14/101)
20. Go through my clothes to see what fits, what I wear, what i don’t, etc.
21. Ditto shoes.
22. Cook for Ari at least once a week. (2/13)
23. Organize our actual storage room.
24. Donate my time to one good cause a month. (0/3)
25. Go to one new restaurant a month. (0/3)
26. See one movie a week. (2/13)
27. Donate my tutoring money to charity.
28. Get my retainer wire fixed.
29. Read at least a chapter of the bible a day. (14/101)
30. Know where we’re going for summer vacation and plan it.
31. Sign up for an English course for summer semester so I can get my English AQ for the fall.
32. No pizza. (13/101)
33. Have one night a week with Ari set aside for fun (‘date night’ even if it includes LT). (2/13)
34. Redo our back yard.
35. Create my unit plan for camp.
36. Read one book in French.
37. Go to the U.S. to buy diet Cherry Coke.
38. Take LT to one new city a month. (0/3)
39. Have a mani/pedi.
40. Tell Ari I love him every day. (14/101)
41. Learn a new skill (knitting, an instrument, a language).
45. Try one new wine a month. (1/3)
46. Share one piece of writing for the purposes of critique and feedback.
47. Finish ‘Thank You’ cards for LT’s gifts.
48. Get one famous person’s autograph.
49. Redo the linoleum floors in my house.
50. Set aside $30 ever week I don’t have fast food for a non-food treat (eg CD, DVD). Subway excepted.
51. Get one other person to do the 101 things in 101 days.
52. Look into setting up a will (unsure if possible to complete as adoption won’t be complete).
53. No non-diet pop. (14/101)
54. Submit a piece of writing to a publisher.
55. Get a baby seat for my bike, and LT a helmet.
56. Blog every day (except my monthly ‘no computer day’ – see below). (13/98)
57. Renew and update my Apply to Education account (resume, references, cover letter etc.).
58. Call in to a radio show.
59. Go through my junk drawers (like, one in every room)
60. Get through the pile of stuff on my desk (DVDs/CDs to burn, photos to put away).
61. Go through my ‘correspondence’ storage space: organize it.
62. Find a place for the things I just cleared out of Mom’s house.
63. Buy at least one of the board games Ari and I have been coveting.
64. Have a games night with friends.
65. Finish my puzzle.
66. See at least one friend a week. (2/13)
67. Get on the Do Not Call list.
68. Call the diaper service and get LT into cloth diapers.
69. Be on time to things. (14/101)
70. LT’s naming ceremony and open house.
71. Redo the chips the movers left in the paint job in our house.
72. Wash windows.
73. Unpack from our trip, do laundry etc. by the end of the week.
74. Have a picnic.
75. Go to the gym twice a week at least (1/26).
76. Get Ari’s Big Lebowski poster and McGill diploma either framed or plaqued.
77. Update my “Wrestlemania” collection
78. Beat “Zelda II: The Adventures of Link” without dying once.
79. Make one person laugh every day. (14/101)
80. Dance at least once a week. (1/13)
81. See one live theatre production.
82. Pray every day. (14/101)
83. Sign LT’s adoption placement papers.
84. Sign LT’s adoption finalization papers.
85. Watch and label the old wrestling videos Mom sent home with me.
86. Take LT to the zoo.
87. Make a new friend.
88. Don’t miss any appointments.
89. Go swimming.
90. Go to an arcade but don’t spend more than $20.
91. Introduce LT to solid foods.
92. Clean up Ari’s side of the office for him (or get him to with my awesome powers of persuasion).
93. Distribute our formal LT/family photos to our folks.
94. Donate blood.
95. Bake once a month. (0/3).
96. Make a list of things which have caused me pain/anger/regret/sadness, and burn it.
97. Go somewhere I’ve never been.
98. Have one internet-free day a month (1/3).
99. Have one TV free day a month (0/3).
100. Get a piercing.
101. Go to the Royal Ontario Museum.

Week One Notes: I didn’t get to the gym because I still couldn’t find my “Y” membership card. I now have so I will start this week – I still managed to be active every day though. 🙂 Also I missed ONE day on my pizza promise as we ran out of time to do much else when we had our friend Steve over for Wrestlemania. Otherwise I’d say a pretty good week and even if not 100% success I’ve stuck to the spirit of the list so far. 🙂

Week Two Notes: Much more on track this week. Awesome. Only thing I didn’t do this week that I should have was my ‘bubble bath a week’ – I’m two weeks behind on that one now. But this week anyway, the spirit of that goal was met – this weekend instead of my usual quick 10-minute shower, I had a nice long one, I blowed my hair dry and did my nails … hey I wanted to do all these and no excuses, but I think there aer worse ones to miss. 🙂 Also my cooking for Ari this week consisted of ordering in – but hey it was one night of saving him cooking. 🙂 I’d say overall this hasn’t been a 100% success so far but pretty damn good.

{April 11, 2009}   Happy Easter

* NOTE: I thought I posted this last night but it turns out I just ‘saved draft’ *slaps own head*. So in spirit my blogging every day resolution is still intact. 😉

As I will be doing my wrestling blog tomorrow (NOTE: meaning today now: check it out), and Sunday I’m declaring a non-computer day, I would like to wish everyone a Happy Easter.

The Lord is risen. Hallelujah.

Now I am not a regular baseball fan by any means – I am a fairweather fan who watches when the Blue Jays approach the playoffs (which is to say I haven’t watched in about 15 seasons lol). But the story I’m about to tell is not a baseball story, it is a human story, and a lesson to us all.

22 year old pitcher Nick Adenhart, after throwing a fabulous, scoreless 6 innings last night for the L.A. Angels in his 4th-ever major league starting opportunity, was killed in a hit-and-run accident after his Mitsubishi was hit by a van tha ran a red light.

The driver of the Mitsubishi, (Cal State student Courtney Stewart) and one other passenger (Henry Pearson) were also killed, whilethe fourth car occupant (Jon Wilhite) was injured and is currently in hospital. The driver of the van, Andrew Gallow, was later arrested on felony hit and run charges; it has since been determined that he was drunk, and driving on a suspended sentence from a prior DUI. He also has two prior drunk and disorderly/public drunkenness-related arrests.

Gallow is facing charges of felony hit and run, felony DUI, and vehicular manslaughter, as well as potential murder charges. Tonight’s Angels game was cancelled. In a world where there are stories of war, genocide, poverty, natural disasters, I don’t know why this story hit me so particularly in my gut – perhaps because it’s such a ‘real’ story, a relatable story that could happen to any of us on any night we make the perhaps silly but commonplace and often necessary decision to get behind the wheel of a one-ton-plus killing machine.

Bottom line I guess, even if this story doesn’t affect you as it oddly did me – please take this opportunity again to know your limits, don’t drink and drive, and beware of those who do. Please be safe everyone.

{April 7, 2009}   Quiet week so far

Yesterday Little Tyke and I ran errands – today we were hanging around in our PJs until about an hour ago (3 pm or so). The next few days should be busier though – tomorrow we’re going to our library group and a movie, Thursday I’m going out with my mom while Ari ‘babysits’ and then I have my regular tutoring job, Friday we have some household projects we’ve been putting off to take care of, and the weekend is Passover and Easter so we have family commitments both days. An eventful one.

I will find time over the week to update you on how my 101 things are going, however, etc. I’m thinking I might make Thursday my computer-free day so if I don’t blog that day you know why. But I’ll let you know tomorrow. Meanwhile, all, be well and hope everyone else’s week is as relaxing. And if it isn’t? No worries – at least it’s a short one.

One of my ‘101 things’ to do in 101 days is to blog daily. I know it appears I’ve missed a few days here but both days I didn’t blog here at SARcasm I blogged over at In This Very Ring. I have been blogging every day, and oftentimes daily at BOTH sites. I just wanted to make sure that’s out there as so far by my count I have a perfect record for blogging it just might not appear so here. 🙂

In other news I’m taking Little Tyke to church for the very first time this morning – that should be interesting. 🙂 It’s Palm Sunday, the day Jesus historically arrived in Jerusalem to begin his final week of life. At my church, other services include a communion service next Thursday (Maundy Thursday, the night of the Last Supper), as well as Good Friday (Jesus’ death) and Easter Sunday (His resurrection) services. It is Holy Week – definitely a time for meditation and prayer. Especially as I was unsuccessful in giving up Sloth for Lent. However – I have been fairly successful thus far with my 101 things, so as much as it’s been a late start I do think I’m off on the start I wanted in terms of time of self-examination and improvement.

In decidedly un-religious news, Wrestlemania 25 is tonight! 🙂 Any wrestling fans out there, be sure and check it out and enjoy – while to someone who’s been watching every week the card doesn’t look particularly stellar (although Shawn Michaels vs. the Undertaker should be cool, and Triple H vs. Randy Orton), there’s enough talent and potential that this could be a sleeper hit.

Whatever you’re doing with your day, and the rest of the week – make it a good one. I’ll be around. 🙂 Cheers.

et cetera