{March 31, 2009}   Madonna Controversy

Many people have been crying foul as Madonna goes to Malawi to adopt her second child. Several agencies have suggested her daughter-to-be would be better off in her home environment, as would any child. She faced similar criticisms when she adopted her son David Banda from Malawi a year and a half or so ago.

Here’s my take – obviously in a perfect world, children would never be taken out of their homes. Their parents would love them and raise them, no one would have more children than they could handle, or be unable to have children they want so very much. Everyone would be able to have just the family they want – nothing more and nothing less. But that is not the case, unfortunately, and the same fates which left Ari and I unable to have ‘children of our own’ (I hate that expression), leaves parents with children they cannot raise, and children without parents.

In both David’s case, and new baby girl’s case, as far as Madonna goes, they were in orphanages in a very poor African country. The former had a widowed father who could not take care of him; to my understanding, the latter is actually an orphan. Madonna is many things I dislike, but compared to many other celebrities she has raised her children well – we know of them, she does not hide them or make them unnecessarily afraid of the spotlight she lives in, but she also doesn’t exploit them to it. She provides a good home environment with rules we all should live by in terms of TV watching, junk food, etc. Yes she is at this point a single mother, having divorced ex-husband Guy Ritchie, but they seem to at least have an amicable co-parenting arrangement. To be raised by a very wealthy, yet down to earth (as far as child-rearing is concerned) woman as opposed to dirt poor and effectively parentless in Malawi, is far preferable.

Is it important children know their roots and their culture? Yes – and Madonna provides that. She took David Banda back to Malawi with her this trip and introduced him to his biological father – a man who I have no doubt loves David, and wishes he could parent him. I admire his willingness, despite, I’m sure, missing his son deeply, to provide as good a life for him as he could. I’m sure he wishes he could have made a different decision, but he felt he couldn’t – no one took the child away from him, he gave him up. I fail to see where staying in an orphanage, or being adopted to other, poor parents within Malawi, would be a better life for David or his soon-to-be-sister than the one they have been and are about to be provided.

{March 30, 2009}   My 101 Things/101 Days redo

As I said giving myself a do-over – replacing the things I had already accomplished, and starting tomorrow (Monday).

((Mar 30-July 8))

I’m taking this idea from my friend Tatiana, to set out 101 goals for myself in the next 101 days starting today. Some will be easy to attain, others harder, some will be important and ‘deep’, others will be slily fun, and we’ll see how it goes. I’ll update here as I knock goals off my list. Please feel free to follow along, or to do with me. 🙂

** items which have been ‘strike-thru’ed (line through them) are done. 🙂

1. Lose 20 lbs. (0/20)
2. Finish the novel I’ve started writing.
3. Do one nice thing for someone every day. (0/101)
4. Do at least 1/2 hour of exercise every day. (0/101)
5. Be consistent enough with the radio show to get it going live.
6. Join the Babytime group at the Kitchener Public Library.
7. Find work for at least 2 more weeks of the summer.
8. Read at least 3 books. (0/3)
9. Go to church each week (0/13)
10. Finish my cross stitch I’m making for Liam.
11. Clean out the guest room (which has become a storage room).
12. Go to a dress-up dance with Ari.
13. Have one nice bubble bath a week. (0/13)
14. Learn 1 more dance (eg Salsa, Meringue).
15. Go roller blading and not quit after 5 mins.
16. Get my bike fixed.
17. Clean out the car and get it washed, vaccuumed and tuned up.
18. Have at least 1 play date a month. (0/3)
19. No messing with my hair – no cuts, no perms, dye touchups only. (0/101)
20. Go through my clothes to see what fits, what I wear, what i don’t, etc.
21. Ditto shoes.
22. Cook for Ari at least once a week. (0/13)
23. Organize our actual storage room.
24. Donate my time to one good cause a month. (0/3)
25. Go to one new restaurant a month. (0/3)
26. See one movie a week. (0/13)
27. Donate my tutoring money to charity.
28. Get my retainer wire fixed.
29. Read at least a chapter of the bible a day. (0/101)
30. Know where we’re going for summer vacation and plan it.
31. Sign up for an English course for summer semester so I can get my English AQ for the fall.
32. No pizza. (0/101)
33. Have one night a week with Ari set aside for fun (‘date night’ even if it includes Liam). (0/13)
34. Redo our back yard.
35. Create my unit plan for camp.
36. Read one book in French.
37. Go to the U.S. to buy diet Cherry Coke.
38. Take LT to one new city a month. (0/3)
39. Have a mani/pedi.
40. Tell Ari I love him every day. (0/101)
41. Learn a new skill (knitting, an instrument, a language).
45. Try one new wine a month. (0/3)
46. Share one piece of writing for the purposes of critique and feedback.
47. Finish ‘Thank You’ cards for LT’s gifts.
48. Get one famous person’s autograph.
49. Redo the linoleum floors in my house.
50. Set aside $30 ever week I don’t have fast food for a non-food treat (eg CD, DVD). Subway excepted.
51. Get one other person to do the 101 things in 101 days.
52. Look into setting up a will (unsure if possible to complete as adoption won’t be complete).
53. No non-diet pop. (0/101)
54. Submit a piece of writing to a publisher.
55. Get a baby seat for my bike, and LT a helmet.
56. Blog every day (except my monthly ‘no computer day’ – see below). (0/98)
57. Renew and update my Apply to Education account (resume, references, cover letter etc.).
58. Call in to a radio show.
59. Go through my junk drawers (like, one in every room)
60. Get through the pile of stuff on my desk (DVDs/CDs to burn, photos to put away).
61. Go through my ‘correspondence’ storage space: organize it.
62. Find a place for the things I just cleared out of Mom’s house.
63. Buy at least one of the board games Ari and I have been coveting.
64. Have a games night with friends.
65. Finish my puzzle.
66. See at least one friend a week. (0/13)
67. Get on the Do Not Call list.
68. Call the diaper service and get LT into cloth diapers.
69. Be on time to things. (0/101)
70. LT’s naming ceremony and open house.
71. Redo the chips the movers left in the paint job in our house.
72. Wash windows.
73. Unpack from our trip, do laundry etc. within 48 hours (by Tues. night).
74. Have a picnic.
75. Go to the gym twice a week at least (0/26).
76. Get Ari’s Big Lebowski poster and McGill diploma either framed or plaqued.
77. Update my “Wrestlemania” collection
78. Beat “Zelda II: The Adventures of Link” without dying once.
79. Make one person laugh every day. (0/101)
80. Dance at least once a week. (0/13)
81. See one live theatre production.
82. Pray every day. (0/101)
83. Sign LT’s adoption placement papers.
84. Sign LT’s adoption finalization papers.
85. Watch and label the old wrestling videos Mom sent home with me.
86. Take LT to the zoo.
87. Make a new friend.
88. Don’t miss any appointments.
89. Go swimming.
90. Go to an arcade but don’t spend more than $20.
91. Introduce LT to solid foods.
92. Clean up Ari’s side of the office for him (or get him to with my awesome powers of persuasion).
93. Distribute our formal LT/family photos to our folks.
94. Donate blood.
95. Bake once a month. (0/3).
96. Make a list of things which have caused me pain/anger/regret/sadness,

and burn it.
97. Go somewhere I’ve never been.
98. Have one internet-free day a month (0/3).
99. Have one TV free day a month (0/3).
100. Get a piercing.
101. Go to the Royal Ontario Museum.

{March 30, 2009}   Utterly disgusting

Most insulting piece of video I’ve seen in a long time.

I know it’s FoxNEWS …
Not even mainstream American opinion …
And I know insults shouldn’t be taken so seriously,
Especially considering the source.
But as the granddaughter, niece, and sister
Of Canadian servicemen –
For shame.
As if FoxNEWS had any to begin with.

Remember to turn off the lights, computers, etc. in your house at 8:30 pm tonight. 🙂

{March 28, 2009}   Sweetheart Saturday

I wanted to thank Ari for such a great trip this week. Despite having a very busy few days before taking off, and so being incredibly tired starting our trip, Ari was an excellent travelling and parenting partner on our first family road trip with Little Tyke. I hope I was as understanding and supportive of his being tired and busy, and I KNOW I expressed my appreciation for taking most of LT’s overnight feedings for example, since I do when he’s at work. But I wanted to do so publicly – we both needed a chance this week to recharge our batteries, and I had mine; I’m not so sure Ari had his, as he had a job interview in Ottawa, and did the driving (as I’m still not 100% comfortable on the major highways); but I hope it was at least somewhat more relaxing than being at work, and that I was as good a member of his team as he was of mine. 🙂

Love you.

{March 27, 2009}   Return of the prodigal blogger

So I’m home. 🙂 I’m exhausted. We took 10 hours to get back from Montreal yesterday, and today Little Tyke had his 4 month well baby checkup and some vaccinations etc. So I’m not up to a super duper long post except to say we had a great time in Kingston and Ottawa catching up with friends, and in Montreal with family. I’m also glad to be back in my home in my bed in my surroundings with my routine (and a pile of groceries and laundry of course), but the trip was awesome. Although I did miss blogging.

Over the weekend I’m going to do a Sweetheart Saturday post and update my 101 things as I said and give myself a redo; I’m also going to wish my friend Alex a great trip as she’s in Ottawa herself now visiting a blog friend of hers – road trips are fun. Hope everyone had a good week, and has a great weekend. I’ll be around! 🙂

{March 25, 2009}   Update

Hi all, so here I am in Montreal at my grandma’s. I just got Alex’s comment on my last post about being able to autopost, and next time I travel I will do my best to arrange that now that I know how to do it. Meanwhile, I just thought I’d touch base, say we’ve had a great trip so far, wish everyone a good week, and I’ll post again tomorrow or Thursday at the latest – the 101 things in 101 days? I’ve decided to restart as of Friday – and replace the couple of things I did accomplish on that list. It was foolish to start something like that two days before going out of town anyway.

Take care all and I’ll be back soon. XO

{March 21, 2009}   OOPS …

My promise to auto-publish might be moot as apparently blogger doesn’t have that capability it doesn’t seem. I will do what I can – tomorrow/Sunday, and Tuesday/Wednesday I should have fairly easy computer access at some points during the day anyway so I should be able to stay caught up – if I miss anything it will *probably* be Monday only. But just so you know if I do miss a day that’s what happened.

Thanks for the understanding y’all.

{March 21, 2009}   Gone fishin’

Well not really but I am away as of tomorrow.

I will have some neat stuff to auto-post and share in the meantime though. Hope everyone has a lovely weekend and week.

Adios, y gracias por todos los pescadas.

{March 20, 2009}   Just a random question …

Did anyone see Barack Obama on the Tonight Show tonight?

First sitting president to go on a late night talk show ever. He was comic and serious all at the same time, which fits with the vibe Jay Leno has created on his show – a good appearance. I wish he hadn’t made the comments about his bowling skills being ‘so special olympics’, not because it personally offended me (I think he was just speaking off-the-cuff and I’m used to people making un-PC comments), but because I know it’s going to be made an issue of and he’s going to have to apologize.

I’m going to find a clip on Youtube tomorrow and post it.

By the by – I know my list from yesterday tells us I plan to blog daily. Well I’m going to be out of town this week coming starting Saturday, but I’m going to arrange some autopost things over the time I’m away. That way if I find my way to a computer (which I probably will at my Grandma’s for example), great, but if not you’ll still hear from me. 🙂 So hope you enjoy and will chat atcha later.

et cetera