{September 20, 2008}   Day 2 of …

My new diet.

I haven’t had much to say this week, for anyone wondering where I’ve been since Wednesday. Not much new, and if there was, I haven’t had much time to say it in – Thursday was Meet the Teacher night at my school, and I had tutoring last night. So I guess some stuff new, but in that sense it’s just been routine busy-ness that I didn’t want to bore anyone with. Plus I started a diet yesterday, which means surliness, to anyone who’s ever been there lol.

I’m trying the Nutrisystem diet – VERY yummy foods and it’s all about portion control. So far I’m enjoying it; I’m just trying to get the timing down right to not eat things too close together and then go hours without food. But I’m doing that, plus went to the gym today … I’m not going to fail this time. I WON’T! Too many people to prove wrong, including and most especially myself.

And in that sense, I wish any of my fellow dieters luck, and think it might be fun if anyone’s interested to maybe get a support group going; it’s not easy and I think communication, accountability and people to share successes and divide setbacks with are all key. So to that end I invite you if you want to email me or post comments and I can come check out your blog if you have one, and we can support each other on our weight loss journeys. Post away! 😀


Yeah I failed lol. I need to get onto my Flat Belly Diet again; http://myflatbelly.blogspot.comGood luck my dear. I hope you prove all those people wrong!

SARcasm says:

Good luck to you too hunny. Lost 5 lbs. in the three days I’ve been on the diet. 🙂 But even if you fall off the wagon in your case remember – you are beautiful and have nothing to change. 😀

Jim says:

I’ll cheer you on. I’m doing Slim-Fast, and I don’t know anything about Nutrisystem. If Nutrisystem works for you, that’s great. Best wishes.

SARcasm says:

Thanks so much Jim. I appreciate it.You can check out the Nutrisystem plan at if you’re curious.

You’re a turke butt Sar.And congrats on those 5 lbs lost so far!!

SARcasm says:

Hmm … I was always taught the way to accept compliments was “Thank you”, heehee … anyway – darlin’ I can’t seem to read your blog anymore … 😦 ???

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