{September 9, 2008}   Gotta go with Perezzers on this one

Gossip star Perez Hilton posted this photo:

on his website. About a week ago, this church sign read “I kissed a girl … and then I went to hell”, an ode (or something) to Katy Perry’s gay experimentation-friendly, chart-topping song.

I agree with P’s take: this ‘artwork’ sends the right message … but perhaps uses an inappropriate method? Two wrongs not making a right and all that? I mean, it IS kinda funny and perfect, but at the same time, obviously as a teacher who tries to send the right message to our youth and teach them to deal with disagreements respectfully and to be better than those casting hateful stones, I don’t advocate vandalism. On the other hand, I don’t advocate gay-bashing hatred either …

So I’ll leave it to you?


I hate people.How’s that for ya? lol.7but it is funny lol.And I am seriously tired of any and all religions bashing something. It may be against their religion but they are far from perfect. Doesn’t the bible say “let he without fault cast the first stone” or something like that? Yeah.

SARcasm says:

Absolutely agree. Just – as you can see from the nonsense in the post directly above this one – I am also into being the bigger person these days. And if I’m going to live that, that means there are better ways than sharing a message than this. *shrug* lol But yes it is funny.

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