Given Oliver Stone’s history, I suspect his new biopic on our current president, “W.”, is supposed to be a serious treatment.

Perhaps W.’s life is just that comedic. Or tragic for the rest of us. Nonetheless … it looks interesting and I suppose I’d check it out. He doesn’t deserve to be made to look presidential anyway.

{July 28, 2008}  

What a weekend. It’s been a good one. This place is like in PERFECT shape finally, like, PERFECT shape minus the sort of unplaced furniture in our future nursery – also the futon we no longer need which is being stored in there. I’m quite happy with our home. The final incentive to get the last few things done was having company over on Saturday – Ari’s best friend Tim, his wife Lynn and their baby Wade came by and it was such a nice visit. Today we went to the beach and visited my parents, for whom we are pool sitting this week. Both nice experiences.

I would like to invite a particular friend whose family Ari and I enjoy spending time with, either out to said beach, or over to the pool we’re sitting, next Saturday, if she thinks the kiddos would enjoy the water and be safe around it. 🙂 AP – the beach is in Port Dover, and you’re halfway between us and there; and my mum’s is in Roseville (near Cambridge). If you’re interested let me know. 🙂

Of course I’ve turned back into a pumpkin this morning, as my former landlord is STILL not being particularly responsive about letting me into our old apartment to claim the clothes I left in the dryer (was SO rude to Ari last week when he asked), our car alarm seems to have a mind of its own today and Ari’s back to work … but I’ll muddle through. Especially if things work out in the paragraph above, and because my BESTEST FRIEND EVER! is coming back to town on WEDNESDAY! WAAAAAAAAAAAAAHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! My summer is about to get a whole lot betta.

Enjoy it all y’all too.

The greatest thing ever:

{July 24, 2008}   Thanks N

For making my day! A child I tutor was playing with her dolls as I left yesterday, featuring a character named Sarah, the famous teacher. Have been having a kinda blah week – I think the boy’s mood has been wearing off on me – and this really brightened it up. Thanks.

{July 23, 2008}   Young and the restless

Can’t wait for this! 😀

{July 22, 2008}   RIP Estelle Getty

I would just like to take the time to say goodbye
To one of the greatest TV personalities of all-time.
Estelle Getty played Sophia on the Golden Girls.
She and Bea Arthur – Dorothy –
Were one of the best comic teams of all time;
Certainly of the 1980s.
In recent years Ms. Getty suffered from dementia.
While sad to lose her, it is also a relief
To know that she is in a better place.
The Golden Girls was the first TV show
I really watched –
With my mom and my grandma –
At a very young age.
I don’t remember much about it,
But I remember Sophia
And her sharp tongue.
Estelle – vaya con Dios. You will be missed.

{July 22, 2008}   ARGH!

OK this is one of those days that I have stuff to do out of the house; which is great. I’m going a bit stir crazy here to be honest, I’m out maybe 2-4 hours a day, three days a week for work. But I’m having trouble, as much as I want to get out there and get this done and get a change of scenery, motivating myself to get dressed, brush my teeth, and MOVE at 1:30 pm. lol … Anyone have any cures for “LYDLYWD” (less you do, less you wanna do) syndrome? 😉

{July 21, 2008}   HOT but lovely

So usually I would have posted a blog yesterday, but it was a busy one. As you can guess from my previous post, my brother’s a drummer. He’s actually a world champion drummer, performing with the Fraser Highlanders, who placed 3rd at the World Piping Championships in Glasgow last year, and their drum corps coming in first. Well yesterday was the Cambridge Highland Games nearby, and we got to go check them out in competition. They of course swept the grade 1 category – they’re a world class pipe band after all – and my brother came in FIRST for tenor drum solos. Makes me prouder and prouder every day.

Also got to run into family and other people who I’m starting to consider friends myself – my brother’s girlfriend Dawn, who’s moving into THEIR new apartment in two days, before going to Scotland herself to perform at the Edinburgh Tattoo – the largest pipe & drum/military tattoo in the world – as a highland dancer, as well as his best friend Josh who’s a tremendous piper, actually piped at our wedding, and whose band is also going to worlds in Glasgow this year (as well as Kyle’s again), plus my mother and my in-laws. And then best of all after a VERY hot and humid day at the fairgrounds, we got to head to my mom’s for a swim and barbecue, as the evening had cooled off. And all that before it started raining, which REALLY cooled things down.

Not to mention I now have actually ZERO laundry to do today – I finished every last bit today – and we ran our dishwasher last night for the first time – massively cool, runs great, and simpler to use than I thought, given it’s a portable and not a built-in one – it has actually been a very, very pleasing weekend to me despite the fact I do not suffer heat well or gladly. Couple that with going over to my dad’s tomorrow (or else having him over) for some wine and wrestling, and I must say the summer’s turning out quite nicely thank you very much. 😀 Now if only I can convince my … uh … frugal … husband to take me away to a cottage for a few days in August, and the adoption goes thru nicely now that we’re settled into our home, it will be the summer of my dreams! :D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D

{July 18, 2008}   My favourite drummer

Well … one of them … my grampa’s up there too. 🙂 But this is my brother Kyle’s performance at Winter Storm 2008, where he placed 3rd in the Gold Medal Comp.

{July 17, 2008}   The "N" word

An interesting discussion at the View today re. Rev. Jesse Jackson’s use of the N word and use of the word in general. It’s an interesting conversation and Whoopi Goldberg just came the closest of anyone to convincing me that black people using that word is not the complete evil I thought it was – “words have meaning because we give them meaning”. Now I still think it’s naive to ignore the meaning of the word the rest of us understand, as it has had a prevalence of hundreds of years; but it’s at least not the completely ignorant, assanine thought process I used to think it was. Check it out here:
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