Tonight is our last sleep in this apartment which has been our home for almost two years. Bittersweet for sure – sad to leave, but excited about owning our first house, and moving into our new home tomorrow, the last day of school.

Just wanted to make mention of that, as I really don’t have time to be doing even this little post tonight – and won’t have internet access tomorrow in the midst of moving. So … talk to you on Friday, tell ye who might be interested how the move went, and hope everyone is enjoying the start of the summer. See you before the weekend.

XO – Sarah

{June 25, 2008}   Robert Mugabe’s Zimbabwe

“We fought for this country, and a lot of blood was shed. We are not going to give up our country because of a mere X. How can a ballpoint fight with a gun?”

-Robert Mugabe, President – Zimbabwe

How can the world let a man who blatantly says this – whose military has killed 6 opposition supporters, injured thousands more and run off his main presidential rival by contesting an unnecessary runoff election essentially at the point of a gun – remain in power? How can we declare Saddam Hussein the second coming of Hitler while this man runs roughshod over his people? Please – Morgan Tzvangirai is imploring armed international peacekeepers to come to Zimbabwe to restore order and oversee a legitimate, peaceful election – the man is not asking for anything at all unreasonable. I hope the international community does not make the same mistakes it did with Rwanda, Darfur, etc. Let’s fix this, and fix it now.

{June 23, 2008}   Personal Note

Dear Alex and cher,

I’ve had a very blue day, dwelling on some things (more, people) lost, and the fact these last few weeks have been too busy to mean much socially. I have felt like a hermit, and not particularly likeable, given the history you both know of about 10 months ago. I was wallowing, at what is an otherwise very happy time in my life (yay move! yay birthday and anniversary! yay end of school! yay Canada Day party! yay cher coming home later this summer!), in a very miserable and unflattering bout of self-pity, and your messages on my Wall on Facebook, and comments on my blog, came at just the right time to cheer me up. They were small, but they were friendly, spontaneous, and heartfelt. It IS the little things that count – thanks for reminding me of that.

Your grateful, pouty wallower (I’m worse than the kids I teach! lol) —

And friend forever,

What a week next week is going to be! We got our house painted this weekend – thanks Mr. Muller! – it looks lovely. We’re set for Tuesday then to have carpet cleaners come in, and Thursday is ‘move in’ day. GOOD stuff! 😀 And school ends this week … thank God.

Not to sound ungrateful, or like I don’t like my job – I do. But this is one of the hardest times in the world to teach. There’s no routine, the kids are going stir-crazy, and (unbeknownst to them) so are the teachers. It’s been 9 months, and it’s time for a break (or at least a different job for the summer lol). Hopefully September will bring a contract – I applied for like 20 permanent positions this week, wish me luck.

Also looking forward to entertaining on Canada Day. Some good friends coming over – though there will as always be some faces I’ll miss – and it will be nice to catch up, as with report cards and moving and busy-ness all around I feel like quite the hermit these days.

Anyone want to meet up for some coffee sometime? lol

First I want to wish my husband a happy anniversary – we were married for three years yesterday, but it was such a busy day I was barely online checking my work email much less blogging. That’s because … WE CLOSED ON OUR NEW HOUSE!!! We had our painter in to take a look around the place and get a sense of it, and then got to toast a happy anniversary and housewarming with my parents – all 4 of ’em – and Ari’s mom (his dad’s out of town). Such a nice evening, and so happy with the house.

Painters start tomorrow, should be done Saturday, carpets cleaned early next week, and we move in next Thursday – a week from today. What an exciting time … and thanks to everyone who’s support got us here! 🙂 We have such awesome friends and family, and while it IS our accomplishment (modest ain’t we?) there are LOTS of people we’d have never gotten here without – they know who we are, and we love them muchly. 😀 XOXO

{June 16, 2008}   Some wishes

First and most importantly, for Father’s Day:

To my dad –
A strong, standup guy.
We disagree on politics,
And he’s busier
Than we both would like
From time to time,
But he’s my daddy,
And always will be.
Thank you for always loving me:
THAT I’ve always been sure of.

To my step-dad –
Who makes my mom so happy,
Who has gone above and beyond
With his step-children
As long as I’ve known him,
And who may act like a big bear,
But is a softy at heart
(We all know it).

And to my grampa –
Who may be getting older,
Who may be a step slower,
But who is still one of the people
I admire most in this world.
I salute you, Grampa,
And love you so much.

I would also like to wish happy birthday to a friend –
OK, a former friend.
I don’t know if he even reads this – probably not –
But if he does – if you do:
I don’t quite know why; I don’t know why
We saw each other today
And didn’t say hello;
I don’t know why it has to be like that.
But I want you to know I’m thinking of you,
Have been thinking of you,
Am sad to be going through
One of the most exciting times of my life
Without someone I consider family.
But I hope you’ve found whatever peace
You needed to leave me behind to find.
Happy Birthday – and remember
My phone is always open to you.

Enjoy the last few hours of your weekend, all. Hug and hold close the people who matter most. XO

{June 14, 2008}   Weekend!

Oh thank Christ it’s the weekend y’all …

So tired. The week hasn’t been bad but it’s been busy and I’ve been TIRED. Doesn’t get any easier from here – moving in less than two weeks! Closing day is Wednesday, and we move out of the apartment the following Thursday. Exciting times though … just …


Ari and I are cat-sitting for his parents. We got to their house around 9pm last night to take care of Gabe the kitty; we fell asleep on the floor at around 10pm, and woke up at 4am. Couldn’t understand how we weren’t tired enough to go right back to sleep … but somehow did. Obviously needed it.

Today’s been full of cats; took our little girl-kitty Lita to get microchipped. Upsetting experience, but she’s relaxing comfortably at home now.

I need to learn to bowl. A friend needs to stop drinking. That’s about it for the weekend.

Enjoy yours.

Directed by Robert Aldrich, starring Bette Davis and Joan Crawford.

See it.

That is all.

I just referred to our country’s biggest political news of the week – but THAT means I’m neglecting the benevelant elephant we sleep … erm … share a continent with. And after all, it definitely loses me some Canadian cred to pay more attention to OUR pols than the ones down south. Soooo … check my new poll – open now till November – about the U.S. elections coming up later this year.

YES … WE … CAN! 😀

{June 13, 2008}   Stephen Harper’s Apology

Stephen Harper apologized to natives this week for their longstanding treatment by Canada’s Federal Government – particularly the creation of residential schools so that native children would be taken away for their education, often sponsored by churches (including mine – the United Church of Canada … a rare blot on their human rights record).

Stephen Harper acknowledged that a sad element of the purpose of these schools was to “Kill the Indian in the child”. As a teacher, and particularly as a teacher at a very culturally mixed and diverse school, I can’t even begin to say how harmful that type of ‘white-ification’ is in itself, even at the best of times, with the best intentions. When you add into the mix the abusive corporal punishment employed, even for such infractions as speaking one’s own native language when these children didn’t know English or French, as well as longstanding allegations of sexual abuse, it creates an absolute toxic environment which has left the native community, and their relations with the rest of the country, terribly scarred.

While I am ashamed of my church’s history in this regard, they were the first church in Canada to apologize for this on the record, in 1988. Twenty years later, a Conservative government does so on behalf of all the governments which preceded it. The Native community was gracious in its acceptance, even though it was a matter of discord up until the 11th hour whether First Nations leaders would be allowed into the House of Commons to formally respond to PM Harper’s apology. Between that, and a Conservative Cabinet Minister’s comments questioning the money provided to natives, and how it is being spent, the Prime Minister’s apology – in itself not enough, and way to late, even if sincere – rings hollow. While the right thing to do, I certainly hope Mr. Harper backs it up with action, recompense, and better-faith negotation with native communities over land claims and other myriad issues going forward.

We are one Canada, a community defined by our many differences and diversities, and in spite of – or maybe because of – those differences, we’ve always done a better job, even in our ‘mosaic’ society, of being a fairly congenial society than our ‘melting pot’ neighbours to the south. The treatment of our natives is a serious blight on our record, and I hope we are now prepared to move forward with healing that should have begun ages ago, for a problem which never should have begun in the first place. Kinana’skomitina’wa’w. Ki’htwa’m ka-wa’p(a)mit(i)na’n.

et cetera