{April 30, 2008}   Super Mario Game

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OK let me make it very clear off the bat I am not generally a daytime soap fan. I DO follow Young & the Restless, and every week or two I find an update on Days of our Lives; but I’m not one who sits down for the afternoon to watch my ‘stories’. I haven’t seen so much as 5 seconds of As the World Turns in my life. I wouldn’t know any of their characters if they came up and bit me on the ass in the street.

However of late I’ve had some major respect for ATWT – they have incorporated what is, from what I can tell, the first gay couple in daytime soap history with Luke and Noah. Now yes, they’ve been playing it safe – while every other soap couple is like, in bed with each other by their first date at the latest, they’ve had like, 2 onscreen kisses in their 6-month history. But nonetheless, props to ATWT for dealing with the issue at all, seeing as I know it’s controversial, and hey – in a way, taking a relationship slowly and getting to know each other gives me a lot more respect for this couple as it is much more indicative of how these things go in real life – or else would in an ideal world.

But of course the bigotted dunderheads must now come out in droves. The American Family Association has written this sternly-worded epistle to rouse the base and create complaints:

Procter & Gamble has resumed using explicit, open-mouth homosexual kissing in their soap opera, “As the World Turns.” P&G decided to include this type of content as a commitment to “diversity.” P&G stopped showing such scenes some months ago, but has now decided to again help promote the homosexual agenda which includes homosexual marriage.

Gay activists are hopeful that the P&G effort will desensitize viewers to the homosexual lifestyle and help make the unhealthy and immoral lifestyle more acceptable to society, especially to children and youth.

“As the World Turns” is owned and controlled completely by P&G. No network made this decision. P&G alone made the decision to support the homosexual agenda.

P&G needs to hear from you today. We have provided a sample letter for you to send to Chairman Lafley, but strongly encourage you to add a personal message.

Now, nevermind that there are many more things ‘repulsive’ in soaps than this – and even morally repugnant. While I don’t watch any wide variety of soaps, let me use the one I DO watch example. How about the fact that as I think about it, the only characters on Young and the Restless I can think of who haven’t been divorced as yet are all under the age of 12? How about the fact that recent shenanigans on that show include the 7-times married (I think) Victor Newman, who is still married, though separated, from his current wife, carrying his daughter’s best friend – 20 or 25 years his junior – upstairs to … well, you can picture the rest. I find old people sex repulsive – should I call in to Y&R to complain about that? And I know it’s like this across daytime – ‘sex in the afternoon’ has long been a staple of the soaps.

But I will not call in to complain. The fact is, as I figure it, old people are entitled to have sex. So are people in their late-teens. So are same-sex couples. To the extent soaps are ever a reflection of reality, human nature is reflected in them, amid the myriad marriages and bedhopping, which these groups seem to find acceptable, so long as it’s heterosexual. To me, there is absolutely nothing offensive about a happy, loving young couple in a committed relationship of some months standing – whoever is involved in said relationship. *sigh* And I had taken it as a smidgen of hope on Y&R when recently an interracial young couple (Lily and Daniel) got married, given that the last time Y&R had forayed in that direction – with Lily’s father Neil and Victor’s daughter Victoria – it was met with a barrage of hate mail.

The most unfortunate thing however? Just as the plug was pulled on Victoria and Neil due to undue negative backlash to a black-white pairing, Proctor & Gamble has set up a hotline for us to call in with our views – and I’m afraid the only people who will be willing to use it are those who have a problem with this, despite in all likelihood having never seen the show, nor having even the remotest idea of the backstory as at least I do (the only reason, for the record, I feel qualified to comment on this). And which you now have as well. So join me. Are you an ATWT watcher who wants to save Luke and Noah? Or do you simply agree with me that their homosexuality alone is not a reason to censor this otherwise – from what I can tell – wholesome young couple? Then please phone P&G’s hotline at 1-800-331-3774. Thanks! 🙂 XO

So just taking a break from my busy weekend – today turned out to not be as busy as I thought anyway – I wanted to comment on something I’ve been following the last couple of weeks. I know the whole kafuffle about Tricia Walsh-Smith — the playwright wife of theatre empresario Philip Smith — is probably considered old news by now. But as a blogger myself, who noticed she just put up a second video, I have found this all interesting and decided to comment on it all.

For those unfamiliar with the situation, Walsh-Smith is currently undergoing a nasty divorce with her husband. He is attempting to evict her from their Manhattan apartment, but in order to do so he needs to obtain grounds to file for divorce as well. Well, New York does not have ‘no-fault’ divorce provisions as Canada or many other states do (click ‘no-fault’ for a definition), so he’d have to prove cause for the divorce, and she claims he has none. Given her perceived treatment at his hands, she released this Youtube video. In this video, amongst other embarrassing information, she revealed that they’d had a literally sexless marriage during their time together, and yet she had discovered him to be in possession of porn videos, Viagra, and condoms, etc. Now legally speaking, first of all, this was a dumb move – beyond just how it makes her look, withheld sex is ’cause’ for dissolution of marriage in NY. But beyond any of that, here are my personal thoughts:

I blog. Obviously, I am not entirely unfamiliar, or disenchanted, with the idea of discussing one’s personal life on the internet. I find it easier than calling or emailing all my friends or whatever as new and exciting things happen in my life. But I also recognize that there is some level of seemliness and class. In the Facebook age, I think it’s ridiculous to see statuses changing from ‘in a relationship’ to ‘engaged’ to ‘single’ to the ever-revealing ‘it’s complicated’; tons of blogs and websites have come out discussing child custody issues, slagging exes for that purpose etc. Now, where it’s a safety issue and you are attempting to promote the cause of protecting your child from an endangering ex who abuses them or something (as a case I read about a year ago was), I get that. But if it’s just for the purpose of causing embarrassment … then that’s BS. I don’t get into every argument my husband and I might have here, or every tear I might shed, or whatever. Beyond which, also recognizing this is sticky legal ground. Slander, libel … not to mention as a teacher, and now a prospective adoptive parent, there are confidentiality issues I need to recognize.

I dunno – talk about what you did this weekend, or your opinions on stuff going on in the world … but respect the laws, and respect people and yourself, enough not to become vindictive and air your dirty laundry for the world to see. Because the world CAN see what you post online. If you wouldn’t feel comfortable shouting about something at the top of your lungs in a crowded public space or building, you should not post about it online, in my opinion … more or less. And I am NOT, as a writer or as a lefty politically, suggesting freedom of speech should be curtailed – this woman is well within her rights to make herself look like an idiot. I’m just advocating, as a blogger, for all of our own sakes, to blog responsibly. Because the only person harmed by this woman’s idiocy, is herself.

Which I suppose begs the question, so why do I care? It’s her business what nonsense she posts, just as it is my business what I go about saying here. And I guess in that sense I DON’T care in the tangible end of things … I guess I just feel she gives those of us who use the internet as a forum to update and comment responsibly, a bad name. It is due to people like her that whenever I bring up my blog to my mother, she asks “And just what do you write in this blog anyway?” Because of course, with people like this out there, it MUST be every intimate detail of my life which should be kept to myself. So on that sense I guess I care – I just wanted to remind people, as I’ve had a reminder this week with this and a few other things going on in my life, to be careful what we say on here, and about whom – because anyone can read it. Do with that info what you might. 😉 Also … read blogs responsibly. My life not that interesting to you? *points up* There’s the ‘close’ icon; Bye now! I for one will start following my own advice by not giving this psychotic idiot another single solitary character typed about her on my blog.

It’s just an interesting subject in general though, the publicization of marriage/divorce/child custody. For more on that in general, check out this great NY Times article. And until next time, be well, be responsible. Cheers!

{April 27, 2008}   Saturday

So yesterday was fun, though a whole lot of money for nothin’. 😛 We slept in till 11:30 – which I can’t remember the last time we did that! – and then had a brunch date before heading to the Brantford Home & Garden show. It was a lovely drive, and the show was kind of neat: lots of cool stuff to look around at, and I was happy to see my friend “A” who was hosting a table there for one of her businesses (she’s a work-at-homer). Very cool, since she’s one of the best friends I’ve got – certainly one of the best I’ve made in my adult life – and we hadn’t seen each other in a couple weeks thanks to some monster illnesses going around both our homes and general busy-ness of life.

After that we stopped by the Brantford casino next door and proceeded to piss away $40 in like, I dunno, 20 minutes? That was probably the lowlight of the weekend … boo on that! I don’t mind losing money in a casino if it goes a long ways and at least buys an amusing hour or two, but this most certainly didn’t. Oh well. The slots were just not rolling in our favour today. LAST time we gambled, we came out $20 ahead! Guess you win some, you lose some. The evening was quiet – I did some packing, we did some straightening (the house is clean, but gets *messy* pretty easily these days as we prep for a move), we watched some videos, drank some wine … it was nice.

Friday was cool too – we had a dinner date out, and then went to our dance lessons which went amazingly well … so pleased with our progress, and we had fun with Ryan, our male instructor (we mainly dance with Angie, but once in a while they throw in Ryan to give a man’s perspective for Ari, since his job and mine in dancing, if you know anything about it, are completely different). So this weekend has not been the best ever for watching what I eat, but has been well worth it in terms of fun, and back on the wagon today … which sounds funny to say given I’m going out to the In-Laws’ for dinner, but they’re generally pretty conscientious about what they eat, and therefore about what they feed others’. So it shouldn’t be too deadly. 🙂

Hope everyone else had a lovely weekend, enjoyed the nice weather (for the most part) outside, and isn’t too bummed about going back to work tomorrow … except my luckyduck husband who has a vacation day tomorrow! And why? All because he’s expecing a phonecall … lol.

{April 26, 2008}   Busy weekend ahead …

Just as a heads-up I might not be blogging again till Monday, tho I’ll try. I’m going to be going to Brantford tomorrow to support a friend of mine at her first tradeshow, plus have some chores around mi casa; Sunday I have some school-related stuff to plow through, and it’s a belated Passover dinner at the in-laws for us before checking out the latest WWE pay-per-view offerings (predictions over at my wrestling blog in a matter of moments –, which is where I’m headed next) – but I will try to check in, and if I don’t, know I’m having a good time and I’ll tell you all about it Monday. Big love to y’all! Xs and Os – Sar

{April 24, 2008}   Quick update

So it’s been awhile since I’ve given a personal update – I mentioned losing my teenage-hood dog last week and I spoke of an article at that I read about, but I haven’t said much about my weekend/week so I thought I’d share.

Saturday night Ari and I got to go to a Proclaimers concert – they’re the “500 Miles” guys, for those who don’t know. Awesome, awesome show. Just the right balance of a rock concert, without being overly crazy, or too many young people (ie, teenagers), or whatever. It was a great crowd, a great show, with two great opening acts. A huge thank you to my brother for the tickets.

We’ve also found out for sure for sure we’ve been approved to adopt. While we won’t actually be given any matches till August at the earliest, we’re both going to sign off on our homestudy tomorrow, which is exciting! 😀 I can’t wait for this summer – a move, hopefully a baby … it’s going to be an awesome, awesome time.

Workwise things have been OK – I’m used to having classes be either really awesomely behaved, or very poorly so, and this week it’s kinda been a mix of both: no one’s been angels but it’s generally got smoothly, and in particular my class from hell has been actually somewhat human. That might have something to do with the well-behaved AND smart little genius who joined them this week … poor kid!

Otherwise, it’s the holding pattern. No report cards or moving or kids or major projects just yet, but I KNOW it’ll all come whamwhamwhamwhamwham, so I’m just trying to stay on top of everything as it comes … it’s a busy week work-wise, but at least personally when I come home at the end of the day I have been able to leave it behind, enjoy some TV, some wine, and relax. Hopefully, I’ll get all my loose ends at work tied up by the end of the week, so that I can move on with some more fun stuff (ie personal life) next week. But meanwhile, I think I’ve finally got the hang of this state of being known as ‘yuppy’. 😉 You just wouldn’t know it from mornings … MAN is it hard to drag myself out of bed and out the door some days!

And how about you all? As always I welcome comments and stuff right so let me know how your first few weeks of spring have been! Enjoying the lovely weather? Or – if you live out west – enjoying the … well … snow? *snicker* Oops. Sorry. Mean. 😉 Meh, y’all – GO HABS GO! Smell ya later! XO – Sar

OK – this is a new trend of the internet that I am not enjoying. Many unsavory things, from testimonials about awful spouses with whom one is going through a divorce, to beatings, to recently a gang-related, firing squad-style murder, are videotaped and find their way online. Are people so sick as to want to be seen at their worst? Are we so sick as to want to sit and watch human suffering? How can these young women be so proud of what they’ve done to their classmate as to want to post it online?

But aside from that – I have to truly say – girls and women disgust me at times. Don’t get me wrong, I am not truly sexist in either direction, I am quite proud to be a woman, and I think we have many great qualities. Being married and having dated, and having a great relationship with my dad, step-dad, and brother, I think guys are generally pretty terrific too. But one thing men have all over us, is at least they’re up front about their crap. When they don’t get along with someone, shouting and fighting and whatever ensues, and then the drama is over. They can get back to being whatever they were before.

But girls are different. We’re sneaky. When things are not working out with a friend or loved one, we don’t tend to just say ‘hey, this isn’t what I want it to be anymore’. We gossip, we badmouth, we backstab … and even here, where it DID result into some up-front violence, it was sneaky: they ambushed this poor girl. I’m remembering a story a little while ago where a teenage girl’s ‘frenemy’ (and by the way – only we girls/women have ‘frenemies’; not to give them too much credit, but men are smarter than that), set up a fake MySpace account as a cute teenaged guy, who proceeded to get to know with, flirt with, etc., Girl A. Well, eventually, he told Girl A he heard she was a bitch, not especially great to be around, etc., and really badmouthed her hard; she killed herself. Only for her family to discover this boy never existed, it was a classmate of hers (AND HER MOTHER! HER MOTHER!) all along. How awful is that?

So a tip to all us women; don’t ever be like men. It’s great we have differences and I love both sexes for them. But please, if you’re going to argue, let’s try to argue a bit more like them. Unless the guy argues like a girl of course … all sulking and drama. 😉 That’s just not cool.

{April 18, 2008}   Holly-part 2

Unfortunately Holly did not make it to this weekend. My mother and brother took her to the vet’s this morning, where she was put to sleep at around 8:45 this morning. Rest in peace Holly – or perhaps not so much. Peace never WAS your style. 😉 You will be missed, my little grey girl.

{April 17, 2008}   Holly

I want to tell you guys about Holly. I haven’t mentioned her on this blog before now, but that is not to say she is not one of the most important beings in my life. I say ‘being’, as opposed to ‘person’, because Holly is a dog.

As any of you who knows me personally knows, my parents broke up when I was 16. It was Christmastime – literally. We spent the holidays with my grandparents in Montreal, and Dad left Boxing Day to move out of our home back in Ontario. But his Christmas gift to my mother, my brother and I – who had all wanted a dog – was a Miniature Schnauzer puppy named Holly.

Now – any of you who knows Holly, knows she is a brat. Just a brat. She’s yappy, she bites – especially me – and she was very hard to housebreak. To this day she is good around one other dog and one only – my grandparents’ dog Heidi. But she has been OUR brat – while Mom and Kyle (the bro) and I were finding our footing as a new family unit, Holly was the fourth member of our team, and we all love her dearly. She’s an awesome (though neurotic and high strung) dog.

Now – in recent months (say the last year-18 months) her health has been declining. She has something called Cushing’s Disease, which ultimately leads to the failure of her kidneys. We have known for a year or so that she would not reach her full life expectancy (12-14 years for Schnauzers). From the vet’s expectations, she’s already had an extra 6-12 mos. more than they expected. But unfortunately that is about to end.

Without getting into details, Holly’s health has really deteriorated in the last 48 hours – I was over there tonight, and it is truly sad to see her. The decision was made today that on Saturday she will be put down – that is still the plan, but even since then she has gone further downhill, and it could be as soon as tomorrow depending on what the vet has to say when she returns for an IV tomorrow (she’s dehydrated).

This dog brought love into our home after my parents’ separation and divorce – she’s a brat, but she was playful and loved her family. She has always been spunky to say the least, with boundless energy, and it is so sad to see her as she is, and yet she has been such a presence I have a hard time imagining her gone.

I don’t know quite what the point of writing this was – probably very few of you, if any, know the dog, or me very well, but I just felt I had to do something. I feel bad for Holly, and I feel bad for my mother, brother and step-father who still live with her and are having to watch her in failing health. Plus of course, I’m sad too. It’s just a tough time, and I guess I thought writing about it would help me feel better. I’ll let you know if it does … 😦

Thanks for your readership and support, guys. I appreciate it. Big hugs to you all, your families, and your pets. Cherish them always – be well.

{April 15, 2008}   Facebook

The description of blocking someone on Facebook:

“Block People

If you block someone, they will not be able to search for you, see your profile, or contact you on Facebook. Any ties you currently have with a person you block will be broken (friendship connections, relationships, etc).”

How symbolic huh? With a stroke of a mouse, anyone can be erased … virtually deleted … as well as any past, or ties you’ve ever had with them. Smarts, don’t it? 😛

By the by … does anyone know … if you block someone on Facebook obviously they can’t follow your newsfeed, search for you, message you, write on your wall; but can you still see them?

Curious …

et cetera