{March 14, 2008}   A bit of advice to you single gals out there …

Don’t ask if you can ‘meet up with’ a married man when you see he’s in your town … especially when you know his wife is on both of your contact lists … and knows you’ve told him that you’re lonely and miss him … and when surely you can see from HER status that she is in Montreal. The stupidity of people sometimes. Argh.

Omg are you kidding me??!! Someone actually did that to Ari and you??!! I would be opening up a can of whoop ass!!!!

SARcasm says:

I DO want to clarify, lol, that i have met this girl and I like her. And I don’t think she’s ‘interested in’ Ari, i think she’s just lonely, doesn’t know a whole lot of people where she lives, and is just kind of over-friendly (and this isn’t being naive, it’s just my gut instinct). But it is definitely bad judgement I think and I want to make her/others aware of how that looks and sounds, without causing any deep embarrassment or whatever.

Whether you know her or not that’s not right (at least not in my opinion). You so much more calm than I am lol.

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