{February 27, 2008}   NEW POLL

At the bottom of the page.

Not that I’m rubbing ANYTHING in …

lalalalala …

{February 27, 2008}   Icy Roads

So today was my first day REALLY ‘winter driving’ since my accident. Icy roads et al. The block by my school, there was a car in a snowbank, a scared-looking young person making a phonecall on their cell … very curious and scary deja vu.

Am I nuts that I’m not ‘over this’ yet? It was a minor accident, 2 1/2 weeks ago, out of which I came completely OK and no (major) harm done except to a car which, while a pain in the ass, is replaceable. And I’m over it in a lot of ways – have gotten behind the wheel, driven the same route the accident happened on, doing better and better each time at least based on how I feel, but I still get shaken by stuff like that.

Does it get better?

Is anyone listening? Hard to know with the lack of feedback blogs provide (although there’s a nifty comment button below EACH and EVERY post … lol).

{February 21, 2008}   Is no one reading my blog …

or is simply no one commenting?

Granted I haven’t been that interesting lately … I’m not Britney Spears or Lindsay Lohan or J.Lo with her twins … I’m just a tired, slightly ill and stressed teacher who is shopping for a new car when she doesn’t want to be, excited and nervous about her first adoption homestudy on Friday, and thankful this is a short week this week …

Oh bother. I’m not going to let my insecurities extend to the i’net. Just be sure to hit me up if you have anything interesting to say. I’ll be sure to check out your blog, leave comments, etc., if you do. And meanwhile … to give y’all something to respond to other than ‘WAAAAANH!’ … Enjoy this slideshow I put together, it’s kinda kewl — Link & Zelda forever d00ds! 😀 *insert teenage girly hearts and starry-eyed-ness here*

{February 16, 2008}   Chris Benoit report

OK I want to switch tacks today a bit – none of my ‘poesie’, or videos, bells or whistles or gimmicks to make my silly girl ramblings sound more interesting. I want to talk about something quite serious, that has been bothering me for quite a bit.

Chris Benoit. Anyone in North America, and any wrestling fan in the world at this point, knows the name. Former world champion, loving father, devoted husband, locker room leader, respected and liked by all in the biz who apparently went psycho one dreadful weekend, murdering his wife, then his son, and then taking his own life in what was certainly one of, if not THE, darkest hour(s) in wrestling history.

The final police report came out this week, claiming

* A history of abuse towards Nancy, and her worries that he would hurt her.
* A history of drug abuse on his part, and alcoholism on hers.
* Her concerns he was having an affair with one of the WWE Divas (on-air female talent).
* A history of tumult in the marriage, resulting in many angry hotel stays on both their parts.

All well and good (well not, but you know what I mean) – obviously this marriage involved tumultuous and rocky personalities, which is to be expected when you consider the industry they were both involved in. Obviously this did not come so much from ‘Out Of Nowhere’ as we Chris Benoit fans might have all hoped and thought it did. BUT …

WWE attorneys jumping all over this as evidence that the murders were a result of a domestic dispute and nothing more – not concussions, not drugs – I think is a bit like Pilate washing his hands after issuing his execution order on Jesus, claiming to simply be giving the crowds what they wanted.

* What about Daniel? Were Chris and his SEVEN YEAR OLD SON involved in a ‘domestic dispute’? That does not sound like the actions of a violent but otherwise sound guy who by all accounts loved his son.

* DRUGS WERE INVOLVED! Nancy spoke of flushing Chris’s stash several times, to his dismay. Steroids and HGH were found in his body on autopsy.

Sorry WWE – you are not ‘at fault’, no. You are not a guilty party. But you are ‘responsible’, going forward, to look after the health of your wrestlers – physical and mental and emotional – and ensure that this never happens again. Because without working at this issue, it will. And the blood will never wash off.

{February 16, 2008}   To you, to us …

To those of you everywhere – Happy Belated Valentine’s Day!
Whether ‘attached’ or not, I hope everyone got to spend it w/someone loved.
To those of us in Ontario – Happy Family Day Weekend.
I dunno about the economy, but after the week I’ve had,
I’m pretty grateful to Dalton McGuinty for giving me an extra day to recover!
A busy, social weekend ahead, but also hopefully a relaxing one
With good family and good friends –
What more could anyone ask for?
Oh, and wrestling fans! Enjoy the No Way Out PPV on Sunday –
I’m not sure I’m down with TWO Elimination Chambers on one PPV,
It seems kind of like overload to me I must admit,
But it looks like a PPV with lots of high quality wrestling, and hey!
It’s the last PPV before Wrestlemania,
So you KNOW there will be some good build.
In the words of a true legend who will never die (or retire!) –

{February 12, 2008}   PS – in better news …

Down TEN POUNDS from Jan. 1 2008. 8 from start of diet.

Go me! 😀

{February 12, 2008}   Drive Safely

Thought I would take this time,
After getting into my very first car accident yesterday,
To remind us all:
Winter driving is harder,
But doesn’t have to be dangerous.
Please let’s all drive slowly, carefully.
And in case the worst does happen:
Please be buckled up, carry a cell phone,
And things to keep you warm in the car.
These were all lifesavers for me.
Not a serious accident –
Car into telephone post –
Airbag hurt me more than the collision –
But it is still rattling,
Shook me up,
And hopefully will make me
A better driver.
I hope no one else has to learn
The hard way –
Driving nervously isn’t good,
But neither is becoming too comfortable.
Be safe, and God bless.

We received the call today
That we’ve been waiting for …
No, not QUITE that call,
But the call to set up our homestudy.
Two weeks from today.
And then it’s ~ a 6 week process.
Eight weeks
And we’re on the waiting list.
From there there are new ‘presentations’
Of prospective parents every three weeks.
So this means – we could be parents
Within 12 weeks.
Probably not … but one can dream
And hope.
Wish us luck. And for those of you
Who have supported us:
Thank you so much. It means the world.
For those who haven’t:
Hope you can at least be happy,
Knowing this is the answer to
Our Prayers.
Thank you God.

{February 6, 2008}   Some prayers …

(in no particular order)

For A&DP to be able to buy their dream house …
For Ari and I to be able to do the same …
And for the adoption process to pick up again soon …
For HRC to win the Dem nod tonight … and eventually the country’s 😉 …
For my students and their learning …
For the engaged couples in trouble I saw on Dr. Phil …
Particularly the woman who gets beaten up by her fiance …
For my diet to continue working …
For my brother and his new job …
For my grandpa’s continued health …
And my grandma’s too for that matter …
For the soldiers in Afghanistan …
And the soldiers in Iraq …
For the two local United Churches faced with shutdown and/or relocation …
For M&AF’s successful and continued healthy pregnancy …
For BS – may that poor girl find some peace …
For you – for whatever you might need prayer for.

{February 2, 2008}   Personal Update

Snow day yesterday –
Got out in the evening
To meet our friends’
New baby
… well, 6 weeks old.
Brought new parents dinner
And enjoyed our visit.
Short week –
Took a sick day on Monday.
Next week will be busy
But I’m looking forward to it.
Today we’ll do some housework
And then
Find something fun to do.
Excited about going to a play,
New diet,
And Super Tuesday.
Go Hillary!
(although we’ll miss you sorely
John – thanks
For keepin’ ’em honest).

et cetera