{January 27, 2008}   AND …

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{January 27, 2008}   New Poll

At the bottom of the screen. Enjoy. 😀

After being told by my dear husband (hi honey! *waves*) several times over the course of the current U.S. presidential campaign that the nasty politics going on between Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton was typical, good for democracy, to be expected, etc. and that I just needed to strengthen my overly-polite stomach, I now know I have the agreement of HIS candidate (AND MINE!), John Edwards. So I am now convinced I wasn’t imagining it – Mr. Obama and Mrs. Clinton ARE acting like bickering kids. You need look no further than our own nation, and Chretien-Martin from the last decade or so, to see the permanent and awful damage such infighting can do to parties – and this election is too damn important.

GO JOHN! You’d have my vote if I had one (or for that matter, if anyone actually did directly in your country … hmmm …).

Since it is so much more important than the latest crazy-ness from a woman who

a. Can’t seem to shop at a sane hour of day
b. Doesn’t know how to put on pants to do said shopping and
c. Doesn’t seem to have mastered the art of the Feminine Hygeine Product as a 25 year old mother of two (for REAL! – check out for truly sketchy photos 😛 – sigh – add that to contraception as intimate products this woman needs to become more familiar with).

Anyway, I digress. The real question …

Why is Stephen Harper, as the leader of a proud and sovereign nation in Canada, sucking up to an idiot defense minister Down South, in a nation which abandons us to pick up their significant quantities of garbage in Afghanistan to chase greater quantities of filthy lucre in Iraq, only to then insult the job we’re doing without them? OK that was an awful sentence but – the question stands.

{January 17, 2008}  

OK so somewhat cooking w/gas now – got the RSS feeds of my own favourite blogs set up in the righthand column, am (eventually – not tonight) going to set up a slideshow of our latest doings as well, got the poll question @ bottom as mentioned. Will be looking to get more interesting and topical in coming posts, but figured I’d start w/the personal – a slideshow very dear to me b/c it represents probably the single most important day of my life (OK … along w/being born … and the day I MET Ari … and the day Kyle was born … and my grads … all of ’em … lol): June 18 2005. Enjoy this little snapshot of what my world looked like 2.5 years ago – and what it basically looks like today. 🙂

{January 17, 2008}   Guide …

Obviously still under construction but some quick guidelines.

Old blog archives –

To make this website different and topical – poll question of the week @ bottom of page. This week: THE pop culture question of the hour apparently.

Enjoy! 😀 Sarah

{January 16, 2008}   Dear Readers

Was going to take this opportunity
To introduce myself
Wife, daughter, sister,
Granddaughter, niece, cousin,
Lover of sophisticated things
(Wine, nice clothes)
And silly things
(Wrestling, Perez).
Except it is 11:10 pm, after 2 nights
Of 5-6 hours sleep
And the most accurate snapshot
Of me right now is summed up:
“I’m tired”.

I’ll try again tomorrow. Thank you for visiting.

PS ~
Where’s the damn nav bar?
The funky thing at the top
That allows other Blogspot Bloggers
To find me, and me them?
And why can’t I put my poll somewhere
That it doesn’t interfere w/other text?
God damn it … can’t deal.
Bedtime. Nite – S.D.

et cetera